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Welcome to "Make Me A Superhero!" The unique website where YOU can become the next incredible Superhero!

Have you ever dreamed of sailing through the air, saving the day or leaping tall buildings with a single bound? Now you can! Simply submit a photo of yourself to our email address and pay using our "Web Store" tab. We will create a unique, one of a kind, completely personalized Superhero character just for you! You will receive a digital copy within 5-10 business days! Email us now and become the Incredible, Amazing, Fantastic Superhero you have always dreamed of!

Previously on MMAS:

Name: Mother Nature

Abilities: Flight, Shoots colored light from her hands, Able to make plants grow at an incredible rate

Name: Confusion

Abilities: Telepathy, Master Theif, Powerful Stun Gun and Psi Grenades which harness her mind control power

Name: Prodigy

Abilities: Flight, Mastery of Martial Arts and Martial Arts Weaponry, Fiery hot whiplike hair, Mild Telepathy

Name: Stalemate (Right) and the Dastardly D (Left)

Abilities: Stalemate: Telekinisis, Wish, Master Strategist / The Dastardly D: Reinforced metal jaws that can bite through any object

Name: Palmer "Roc" A.K.A. Thunderbolt
Abilities: Flight, Super Strength powered by music, Ingenious intellect allowing him to master any and all electronic devices, P.A.L.M. (A handheld device that allows him to control any machine)
Name: Monarch the Violet Defender
Abilities: Flight, Incresed Strength, Healing Hands


Names: Starlet (Left) and Deathbringer (Right)

Abilities: Starlet: Flight, Shapeshifting / Deathbringer: Ingenious Ingenuity, Master Marksman

Name: Kenigma A.K.A. The Cookie Monster
Abilities: Super strength and invoulnerability fueled by a special batch or cookies! Super powered pets as well.
Name: Team Slade: Mrs. Peacock (Left), The Handyman (Right), Iola (Bottom)
Abilities: Mrs. Peacock: Flight using actual wings, expert with a bow and arrow, apple bombs / The Handyman: Highly advanced mechanical transforming hands that also shoot electrical charge / Iola: A dog who can shoot lasers from her eyes and travels on a highly advanced hovercraft.

Name: Aether the Elemental Knight

Abilities: Weilds a Sword from another realm which provides her with super strength, invoulnerability and control of the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water. She also has a trusty Pegasus best friend named Aristotle.

Name: The Inventor
Abilities: Telekenisis, Ingenious Ingenuity, Master Swordsman

All Original Artwork created by Lucas Bessey.


Name: Team L.A.: Ace (Left), Rebel (Right) Super McLovin' (Bottom)
Abilities: Ace: Telepathy, Incredible throwing accuracy / Rebel: Able to manipulate matter / Super McLovin: Flight